Validate Your Vision

Welcome to Startup Happy, a delightfully simple program to help plan a product that customers can’t live without in 90 days or less. 

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Listen to the Experts

Failing to validate if anyone wants your product is the number one way to fail as a company.

Neil Patel
I think validation is everything, everyone has ideas. Get enough people to give you money before you build it.

Jason Swenk
Jason Swenk,
Who it Helps

Using proven validation techniques practiced by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, we help you define solutions to the problems your business seeks to solve.

  • Read action guides written by our coaches
  • Watch video tutorials
  • Recruit your strongest allies
  • Plan and conduct customer interviews
  • Save your interviews right in your dashboard
  • Get real-time, real human coaching (BOTS BE GONE!)

Valuable Insights For Startup Founders

Interact with your target market in real time using your customized Startup Happy dashboard, then identify which solutions you should be focusing on.

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Ask Simple Questions, Get Powerful Data

Learn From Your Audience

Rate and review your conversation to better understand what your audience is looking for.

Turn A Conversation Into Features

Get your target market to tell you what problems they are
willing to pay you to build just by having a simple conversation.

Action Guides

Learn From The Best

Learn from our 11 years of experience how to turn your idea into a product your customers are waiting for.

Action Guides

Learn how to start with an idea and use the process that
we teach each startup that we work with to create a successful business.

How Startup Happy Works

Action Guides and Video Tutorials

Insights and advice based on more than 10 years of working with startups.

Audience Builder and Interview Portal

Turn your personal network into an organic audience and use their feedback to build your target customer.

90 days to success

In 90 days or less, learn if your big idea is worth turning into a startup venture.
Who it helps

Built to help entrepreneurs and people with big ideas create software people want and need.

Helping Software Startups Solve Problems

Learn how to focus on the benefits of your product over the features.

Engaging With Resource Partners

We’re connected to some of the most respected leaders in the entrepreneur startup space.

Supporting Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

We protect investor capital by helping startups create products people want and need.

Continuing Education

We believe the best entrepreneurs never stop learning and sharing ideas.

Our Story

Where We Started

Startup Happy is the brainchild of Josh Christy, President and CEO of Codelation, a software, app and mobile development company designed for startup success. 

Sick and tired of witnessing startups fail (including watching their own ideas go up in flames), Josh and his team developed Startup Happy to fill in the failure-prone gaps common among new and experienced entrepreneurs. 

Simple, Loveable, Complete

Designed around the concept of  “Simple, Lovable and Complete,” Startup Happy teaches entrepreneurs how to vet their startup idea using the best techniques collected, curated, tested and proven by the world’s leading experts.